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Hriti Foundation, a policy think tank based in Karnali Province, recently announced the launch of a new initiative, This comprehensive online platform aims to serve as an educational resource dedicated to exploring the liberal legacies in Nepal.
The mission of lies in bridging the gap between Western and Eastern perceptions of this complex ideology. By delving into historical, cultural, and literary aspects specific to Nepal, the platform seeks to demonstrate how liberal values have manifested and evolved within the country’s unique context.

This initiative’s vision is to foster a positive and informed attitude towards liberalism among the Nepali populace. This platform challenges the misconception that liberal values are solely Western imports by showcasing their potential to harmonize with Nepal’s rich cultural heritage and traditions. offers many resources, including articles, essays, and analyses by renowned scholars and experts. The platform also features interactive features like discussion forums and online events to encourage open dialogue and exchange of ideas among diverse stakeholders.

Launching underscores the Hriti Foundation’s commitment to promoting critical thinking and informed discussion on various societal issues in Nepal. This initiative aligns with their core values of individual rights, economic freedom, and open dialogue.

By providing a platform for informed exploration of liberal legacies within the Nepali context, the Hriti Foundation hopes to contribute to a more prosperous and inclusive future for the country.

Visit today to embark on your journey of understanding liberalism in Nepal!